Up to $100 Off Your Move-In!

DFWPads.com specializes in finding our customers the best deals on apartments that fits their needs. We will also pay up to $100 of your move-in expense. However, there are a few stipulations in order to receive $100 off the move-in. Please read the following rules that apply:

  • You must sign and honor a lease for a minimum of 6 months.
  • You must have listed DFWPads.com on the guest card and lease application.
  • Your effective rent must be at least $700 or a $50 reward will apply.
  • You must not be transferring from within the same property or from a sister property.
  • The property must be a participating property that pays at least 50% of your monthly rent.
  • You must have completed the $100 Reward Form within 30 days after your move in date.
  • DFWPads.com will provide only one cash reward offer for each apartment unit.
  • If you have a previous broken lease, eviction, foreclosure, or you are on some form of housing assistance you will not be eligible for the cash reward up front. Your reward will be mailed to you upon receiving payment from the apartment community. This usually takes 4-6 weeks.
  • Upon confirmation from the apartment property you have been approved, the cash reward will be issued in check form. The check will be made out to the apartment community where you leased. Simply use the cash reward check towards your move-in expense. You may also use the check towards rent if you choose. The check will be good for 90 days from the creation date. Please allow 5 business days to process the check plus allow for mailing time.
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